What is a custom arrangement? - A custom arrangement is any song not already in our song list. Do you have a special song that is significant to your relationship? If so, we're more than happy to arrange the song for your wedding so it can be used at a memorable moment (i.e. Bride's Processional, Recessional, First Dance, etc.)

How do I book the Seven Hills String Duo for my wedding or event? - Send us an email at the contact page with all your information!

Who are the musicians that will be performing? - Great question! Although the Duo started out as just two people, we have expanded to a team of six musicians (three guitarists and three violinists). Each musician is a professional performer, holds a Bachelor's or Masters degree in music, and must undergo a rigorous audition to be on the team. We strive to create consistent musicianship between each member so every Duo sounds exactly the same.  Once your wedding is confirmed, we're happy to tell you the specific names of the musicians to include in your programs.

Why do you offer your services in Cincinnati and Los Angeles? - The Seven Hills String Duo started in Cincinnati, OH after the founder, Ben Thomas, graduated from the College-Conservatory of Music from the University of Cincinnati. After performing in the Ohio area for seven years and performing countless weddings, Ben moved to Los Angeles and expanded the String Duo to the So-Cal area. The ensemble now performs regularly in both Los Angeles and Cincinnati.

What is a Keepsake Recording? - We offer professionally mixed and mastered recordings of any special song you choose for your wedding. Many couples often ask us to record their custom arrangement song(s) so they can be cherished for years to come or even given as an anniversary gift.

Are the instruments amplified? - Since the violin and guitar are naturally acoustic and quiet, we do offer a complimentary amplification system for each wedding or event to help reinforce the sound.

Where do I find pricing? - Please send us a message through our contact page to receive pricing details for your area.

I would give more stars if I could. They absolutely perfected the songs we asked for at our wedding. Everyone loved what they chose to play while people filed in. Super easy to work with, fairly priced, I would recommend to anyone.”

Mark M